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Luxuryblush Turns 2!


Two years in and 133 posts later, here we are. It is a little mad seeing just how much this space has grown over two years. Considering I did this exact post last year, I thought I would do a similar thing and react to last years.

If you want to read that post then you can click here!

There is nothing on there that I strongly disagree with, as I stand by everything that I listed. There are also things that I'd like to add.

1. It's Okay To Take Time Off

Whether it be for personal reasons or writers block. Does anybody else ever feel really bad when they don't stick to their schedule? For a while I felt terrible about it. I don't know what clicked, but I suddenly realised that it isn't a big deal. So what if I miss a day because I don't know what to post? It's a lot better to take some time off rather than force out content.

2. If Something Doesn't Feel Right- Don't Do It!

Sometimes emails come in with opportunities that just don't feel right or fit right with my blog. It's totally okay not to take these opportunities, as it's a lot better not to take than take and regret.

3. Plan Ahead

Scheduling posts was a life saver during blogmas, as I got most done before December which meant more family time for Christmas which is what the festive period is all about. Planning also means if you do have writers block chances are you're covered.

With my resolutions for the previous post, I think I've done quite well!

1. Talk to People

I have tried with this one. I might not be consistent in chats, but I took part in a few and I hope to become actively involved this year. I also started commenting more on peoples Instagram posts, other than liking and moving on.

2. Getting Organised

I might not have invested in a diary for 2016, but I have for 2017, I've only just started filling it out, but I already feel like I have my life together. (Which makes a change)

3. Stop Procrastinating 

I'm half and half with this. There was a time in the year when I had everything together including work and blogging, and there are also times where everything can be done later. 

I hope everyone has a great 2017!

Thank you for reading!

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