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Blogmas Day 9: Lush Mistletoe Bath Bomb Review


Do you ever see those products that you just know you'll love? This was that for me. I mean it's pink and has such a nice smell to go with it.

If you like your pink coloured baths, but don't like the scent of Snow Fairy which tends to come with pink, then this one is great for you. This bath bomb shares it's scent with the silky underwear range, it's an old traditional Lush scent that a lot of people love, and for good reason. It's a combination of jasmine, vetivert and ylang ylang. It leaves for a sweet and comforting smell that is rather musky and sultry.

Once in the water it quickly fizzes, and shades of green, pink and purple wash out to leave a frothy finish. After leaving a tiny bit of bath art, mine actually sunk. It fizzes quickly, so this was over in a couple of minutes. 

The water turns a vivid purple and the scent lingers even though the bomb has dissolved.

This is one of my new favourites, and I'm sad it's only here until the end of the year!

Have you tried this bath bomb?

Thank you for reading!

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