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Makeup Obsession Palette Review


This is a brand I've not heard too much about, but I have started to see pictures of the products on Instagram, so I obviously jumped in the deep end and bought more than I probably should have. The brand is Makeup Obsession, it's by the company TAM who are behind the brands Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup and I <3 Makeup.

I haven't seen this in the Boots store near me, so I ordered online and everything arrived in once piece which was a huge relief. It was a little difficult as it's hard to see the exact shade online and finding pictures of a swatch was practically impossible.

If you're wondering  how this works, you basically pick a palette that comes in a few different colours ranging from Rose Gold, White and Black. There are also two sizes to pick from, Medium (6 Slots) or Large (12 slots).

The palettes are specially designed for Makeup Obsession products, so you'll have a hard time filling it with other products. You can choose from Eye Shadows, Blush, Contour and Highlight.

The prices are also really good with the smaller palettes costing £4 and a single eye shadow costs £2. The bronzer, blushes and highlight are slightly more expensive at £3 each.

I do think there is a massive selection of all of the products. The palettes are also really sturdy and have a massive mirror so they're great for on the go too.

I created two palettes one for Eye shadow and one for Bronzer and Highlight as I don't wear blush (which might be a little strange when you think about my blog name, but moving on).

I got four highlighters and two Bronzers.

As the shade Gold is way too dark for me to use as highlight, I'm sure I can make it work as an eye shadow.

Top to Bottom: Bare, Pearl, Moon and Gold
(Moon is my absolute favourite)

To to Bottom: Light and Light/ Medium

I wanted to create a palette of warm Autumn Shades, as I don't really have any red shades in my collection, but just lately I have been really wanting to experiment and create more looks with reds and oranges.

Left to Right: Burnt, Chocolate Cream, Rare, Rich

Left to Right: London, Alba, Precious Metal, Starstruck

Left to Right: Bullet, Ibiza, Copper, Cinnamon

I honestly can't believe the quality for the price it's incredible.

I'll definitely be on the look out for more shades as narrowing them down to 12 was so difficult!

Have you heard of Makeup Obsession before?

Thank you for reading!

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