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Another Bomb Cosmetics Haul!


A little while ago I made an order from Bomb cosmetics and shared what I got with you, (you can check that post out here!) I've actually had a lot of baths in that time and have used a good 90% of what I got, so I couldn't resist popping into a store that stocks a lot of their products.

I didn't have intentions of buying as much as I did, but the prices are good and they had a deal on. I can't remember what it was exactly (helpful I know), but it was something about buy seven and get money off.

I do think I prefer ordering online with these, as not everything I have is packaged with the name on, but being able to see all of the products on the shelves was great, especially being able to smell everything there and then.

Bath Blasters - £2.99


I was instantly drawn to this one for two reasons: the colour and the glitter. The exterior is a barbie pink shade with a decent sized golden glittery bow in the centre on a swirl of white. It also smells amazing! It contains Palmarosa and Bergamont oils mixed with the scent of sweet raspberries. This is definitely one of my favourites that I picked up.

Little Princess

How cute is this?! I love the little details with the pink tiara, sprinkles and heart confetti. The exterior is half white and half pink. I couldn't actually smell this one in the store, but now I've got it home I can definitely smell it and it really reminds me of men's aftershave; which is really strange considering the look and name. The website claims it contains Rose and Pink Pepper, which makes the whole thing a bit stranger.

This one is really strange, as I'm not exactly sure what it's called, as it doesn't have the name printed on the packaging and I can't find it on the website. The only one that looks slightly similar is 'Perfect Present', as they're both white with red sprinkles around the top, but Perfect Present has a snowflake printed on it, whilst this one has a star. Since I have nothing to refer to I'm not entirely sure what this one contains, but it does smell really good. If it is Perfect Present then it contains Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils.

Bath Mellow - £2.99

The Fresh Princess of Bel Air

Is it bad that I didn't notice that this is the matching bath mallow to the Little Princess Bath Blaster? I mean... they have the same crown! This one definitely doesn't smell like Little Princess and this will be because they contain different things. This one contains pure Clary Sage and Cadarwood essential oils. To me it smells a little bit like cinnamon, so it's perfect for Winter. I am 90% certain that the glitter surrounding this will be a pain to get off the bath, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The North Pole

The only thing in this haul that isn't pink and glittery. I originally thought the little sign that says 'Let it Snow' was a biscuit, but after looking at the website it is quite clearly a sign. I don't know what it says about me that my first thought was food, but in my defence it definitely looks like a biscuit. I love the little snowflakes in the blue bit at the bottom, they really give it that little festive twist. I can't describe the scent, but I love it; it contains: Litsea Cubeba and Geranium essentials oils.

Bath Creamer -£2.09


This is the last thing I picked, but just as gorgeous as everything else. It's very simple and snowball looking, but it is coated in chunky glitter. It's very fruity smelling with a top note of sparkling white grape which I really like. This is actually one of my favourites that I picked out.

I know I said the deal was buy seven, but I can only find six products, I'm pretty sure I was charged for the seven and I picked seven, but I've only got six. It might show up in a strange place later or I might not have gotten it, which is actually quite annoying, but at least the prices aren't massive.

Have you ever tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics?

Thank you for reading!

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