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NYX Haul!


After seeing all of this hype around NYX I have resisted for so long, (mainly because there isn't a counter near me), but I have finally took the plunge and made a rather large order. There was a little gap between the two, but I am now officially in on the hype of NYX lip products!

Soft Matte Lip Cream

I love the finish of these, as even though they are matte they wear comfortably for a while. I did start to feel my lips drying throughout the day, but I've always struggled with dry lips, so I didn't expect anything less. I like that it doesn't take the product long to dry, so it isn't a pain to apply.


This is one of the first colours that I picked, mainly because it's right up my alley. It's a light nude shade, but it has peach undertones.

Abu Dhabi 

This shade looks very similar to Stockholm, but this one has brown undertones where as Stockholm is more peachy,


This looks very similar to the previous two, but this shade is a muted rose.


Also looks very similar to the other three (can you see a pattern here?) Cannes is a mauve warm pink, but also similar to a muted rose shade.


This is a shade I had heard lots of good things about, so that's one reason why I picked it up. The shade it's self is very summer appropriate, as it is a warm mid tone coral pink.


I saw this on Pinterest and it looked stunning, so I knew I had to pick it up for myself. It looks similar to Antwerp. Ibiza is a rosy pink with hints of coral.

San Juan 

I am an absolute sucker for orange lips, especially in the summer. I just think it's not as strong as a red lip, but it's still bright. This is very much a bright orange, and will be coming on holidays with me, as it definitely more of a summer shade.

Top to bottom: San Juan, Ibiza, Antwerp, Cannes, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm 

Lip Lingerie

These are a range of nudes and they are long wearing matte liquid lipsticks. I think I prefer the formula of this to the soft matte lip creams. I haven't tested it properly yet, but I really love bedtime flirt, as it doesn't feel heavy on the lips and the drying feel wasn't too bad.

Bedtime Flirt

This is another shade that I had heard so much about it. It's more of a deep pink nude, so it's pretty obvious to see why I was drawn to it.


This shade is definitely not a nude for me, but I was drawn to it for some reason. This is more of a mahogany red with touches of brown.

Top to bottom: Exotic, Bedtime Flirt

Liquid Suede

These products are designed to give a vibrant colour with a long wearing formula that is also waterproof as well as drying to a matte finish. I did find these to be drying too, it also didn't last too well after eating and drinking, but at the price I wasn't expecting it to.

Soft Spoken

This is definitely a much darker nude. It's a mauve shade that I'm thinking may look a little bit brown too. I do think this is a shade that will look gorgeous in the Autumn and Winter.

That is everything I got from NYX!

What's your favourite NYX product?

Thank you for reading!

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