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How To Survive A Spending Ban


As January was a very expensive month, I decided to go on a spending ban throughout February. As a massive impulse buyer, this was very difficult for me and that's why it was only throughout February. Plus we went to ikea the other day, and there was no way I was leaving there empty handed.

I thought I'd list some tips on how to help if you have a problem with shopping. Okay, this is really starting to sound like Alcoholics Anonymous for shopping.

Make a reason for the spending ban. Spending bans are not fun, but you will be more likely to stick to it, if you have a goal in mind, and that way you will feel accomplished when you come to the end of it.

Don't shop alone, and make sure to tell the people you're with that you're on a spending ban. This way they can help to put you off that new eye-shadow palette.

Keep in mind the price tag of all the items you don't buy, as this can be really rewarding; especially when you add the price up.

Don't even open the marketing emails. Just delete them straight away and that way you won't have to look at the offers.

If you know that you usually spend a lot of money in a particular shop then don't go in. I have to do this with Lush, but it really works. If you don't go in then you can't spend.

Look through what you already have, because most of the time you may already have a really similar lipstick to the one that you've been lusting over! You may also find some dupes, or you may be able to do a 'Shop My Stash' blog post!

Take your dinner out with you, (If there is any confusion, I say breakfast, dinner and tea). Buying food when you're out and about can cost a fortune. Preparing your food the night before to take to work with you, will really help with saving those pennies.

Write down a list of everything you need, as this will stop you from buying anything that you shouldn't. As you won't get that 'I don't know if I need this, but I'll get it just in case', which can be really bad when you're trying to save.

Those are my tips on how to stick to your saving ban! I hope this helps some of you out there!

Thank you for reading! 

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