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What I Wore: Cruise Formal Nights


On this blog I claim to be a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, but as to yet, majority of my posts have all be about beauty. In order to combat this, I have decided to do a post about what I wore on the formal nights of the cruise, that I have just been on. (I say just, it was at the end of January)

We went with Royal Caribbean, and there were two formal nights in total. The other nights ranging between casual, smart casual and I'm not eating in the main dining room, so it doesn't matter. 

The first formal night was on a port day, so not that many people an effort. We however went all out, but I love an opportunity to dress up, so of course I was going to put on the swish outfit.

I wore a top and a skirt that are both from Ted Baker. I do think they compliment each other perfectly, even if the black top did wash me out on the professional photos.

The shoes are from Dorothy Perkins, but didn't stay on for long. As soon as we had finished our meal, it was straight back to the cabin to change the shoes, as walking around in heels on a moving ship isn't the easiest task. (I may have walked into a wall or two)

On the second formal night a lot more people made an effort, as it was a sea day, so there was a lot more time to get ready. 

The dress I wore is from ASOS, but it is waaaay too long. In my heels I was just about  taller than my mum who is 5'8, and the dress still needed to be held up. Knowing me I probably picked it from the tall section without realising.

I love it though, as it's simple, but it has the flower pattern that gives it that little bit extra, so it isn't plain. 

A plus thing about this dress is that it's really comfortable, so sitting down to eat was no issue, as it isn't tight. As nobody wants to be sitting in a tight uncomfortable dress for a three course meal.

I absolutely loved the main dining room, I tried some new things and everything tasted amazing, and having a reason to get dressed up every night was the best!

Thank you for reading!

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