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Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars?


I don't know about you, but when I first started going to Lush or looking into what they sell, I was really confused about the difference between bath bombs and bubble bars, and as I had never seen a bubble bar before I was really confused to how it worked.

Bubble bars are pretty much bubble bath, but in a solid, so instead of poring the liquid in you crumble a bit of the bar under running water and you're set. Bubble bars change the colour of the water too depending how much you use.

Bath Bombs you put in the water and they fizz away to leave the bath water a different colour and sometimes they are full of glitter.

If you're a little undecided on which to buy, as they all look so glorious and smell just as good. Then you need to think of your bath time preferences.

To help you with this I thought I'd list the positives of both products, so you can get a better idea to what is better suited to you!

Bath Bombs

- Some of them have glitter!
- Nice to watch the effects as they fizz away in the water
- So many colours!
- They smell amazing!
- Can be broken in half to use for two baths

Bubble Bars

 - So many bubbles!
- They smell amazing!
- You can get quite a few uses out of one bubble bar
- They turn the water a different colour
- No glitter, so you don't need to clean the bath afterwards!

I hope this helps you in the decision to whether you should buy bath bombs or bubble bars!

Are you team bubble bar or team bath bomb?

Thank you for reading!

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