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The Christmas Tag!


I have been really struggling for post ideas recently, especially ones that somehow relate to Christmas, so I have decided to do the Christmas tag, as this will be my last post before Christmas!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

 I have a real soft spot for The Muppets Christmas Carol, as I remember watching it quite a lot as a child, but I also love Elf, as who doesn't?

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Back in the day when we had a family tradition of going to my Nan's on Christmas Eve for a Christmas dinner with all of the family, we were allowed to open one present that a family member had brought. That's the only time, we've always gotten up early on Christmas day to open all of the presents. Is there anybody that opens all of their presents on Christmas Eve?

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Nothing springs to mind, but it would definitely be having all of the family together!

4. Favourite festive food? 

Does the Christmas dinner as a whole count? I'm a really fussy eater so this is quite difficult!

5. Favourite Christmas Gift?

I can't say what my overall favourite gift has been, as this changes with age, so picking one thing as a favourite would be difficult. I like surprises, so the gifts that you have no idea about are my favourite, but of course I am grateful for everything that people buy for me.

6. Favourite Christmas Scent?

The Season of Peace Yankee Candle, I got it last year and I've been obsessed with it, but I didn't think they had brought it back, so you can imagine my delight when I saw it in the shop, especially, as it had been marked down in price.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We used to, but as everyone got older we stopped doing it, and this year I'm working 4-10, so I guess I won't be able to attend any Christmas Eve traditions, even if we still did them.

8. What tops your tree?

Nothing at the moment! We've lost a lot of our Christmas stuff (don't ask), and we can't find some of the baubles, stockings or the angel for the top of the tree. 

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for, but never received?

I'm pretty sure that it was a puppy, as I remember watching Lady and The Tramp and she get's a dog for Christmas, so I always wanted one, as it was really cute. (Even though I don't get along with animals)

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading!

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