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Lush Golden Wonder Review


First things first, I feel like I should apologise for not posting. I'm not entirely sure what happened, I just wasn't feeling it you know; so I took a little time away from it all to gather some thoughts and I'm trying again, as November was a very practical month.

I always manage to ramble in blog posts and I'm not entirely sure how, but let's just get into the review.

After stocking up on Lush products, I knew that I had to get out of the routine of just having a quick shower and have baths instead, as baths are great especially with a good bath bomb.

I did have a bath with Shoot For the Stars which I was going to review, but I did not have a good time with it, as it just sunk. so I decided to leave the post and try again and hope for better results.

Golden Wonder will always be a bit special for me, as it's the first bath bomb that I used (I'm 99% sure). So the whole thing to me is a little nostalgic.

The look of it is just adorable, it looks just like a present complete with a cute white bow on the top, the rest of it is gold and glittery, but not to the point where you are drowning in glitter.

It is really hard to describe scents, but this smells a little citrusy, with scents of orange and lime coming through which is lovely.

When placed in the water it immediately gets to work by producing creamy white and yellow froth that slowly fades, as the centre colours come out. A gorgeous shade of blue is then revealed with a little bit of purple which create a beautiful shade of turquoise and not only does the bath go a lovely colour, but you also get little gold stars that slowly dissolve to a shimmer which leaves a lovely look of glitter running through the water.

I love this bath bomb and would definitely recommend of stocking up, as they are only available at Christmas time.

What's your favourite Lush Christmas product?

Thank you for reading!

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