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Born Pretty: Contour and Concealer Palette*


When I got another email from Born Pretty asking to work together on another post, I was beyond happy, as they have some amazing products on offer!

The product I decided to go for this time is a Contour and Concealer palette, there are 15 shades in total, and I also received a sponge, which I'm excited about, as I've never tried one, but everyone raves about them, so I'm looking forward to giving it ago.

The packaging to the palette is practical, it isn't the nicest to look at, but it's practical and could survive a journey out in a handbag. Something that isn't so practical is that it doesn't have a mirror, so if this does leave the house with you, you either need to take a mirror with you or find somewhere that does have one. 

When swatching the shades, I was really surprised by how creamy they are and how easily the colour built up and then blended out, to leave a lovely finish.

ignore the lovely bruise

props to me for not holding the camera the same way

This costs $9.99 which is around £6.50, and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product and the range of shades that you get, as it has the colour correcter shades and the white which is a gorgeous highlight. 

Overall I just love the quality of the product, as even though pretty packaging is nice to look at, it is down to the product its self. 

If you're interested in trying out this product then you can click here! 

You can also get an extra 10% off with my code NAMH10

I would love to hear your opinions if you get anything!

Thank you for reading!

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