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Another Lush Christmas Haul!


I may have gone a little crazy in Lush, to some this might not be that much, but to me; my boots are filled and I'm prepared, I try not to go in Lush every time I go shopping because I know I will spend money and that is exactly what happened.

Anyway, onto the products:

Magic Wand Bubble bar

I was going to resist this and hope that someone would buy it me for me Christmas, but when it was on the till in all it's pink and glittery glory, I had to get it. It's a bubble bar on a stick, so you can swish it in the water for a while or run it under the tap, (with the other bubble bars that are on a stick I find the tap is quicker). It also has a little bell on said stick, which is really cute. The smell is identical to snow fairy and candy mountain, which is a Lush favourite.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

In the shop I liked the smell of this and that was a mistake to say out loud, as the sales person was literally following me around telling me what smells like rose jam, (I like to be left to look, so no offence meant), I've seen this dotted around all over the place, but never tried it, and like I said this shopping trip was one of those days, so in the basket it went. The smell is actually really strong, and I can't put my finger on what exactly it is, as smells are extremely difficult to describe, but if you smelt the shower gel, then you'll know. (I'm so helpful)

The Magic of Christmas

This was the first thing I looked at, as I wanted to give this ago, as not only is this on a stick, but it's on a cinnamon stick, which is absolutely amazing. This is covered in glitter, so I can imagine the bath may need to be rinsed after use, but that isn't too much to ask for. The scent is quite spicy, so if you're into that; you will dig this!

Golden Wonder

This was one of or the first bath bomb that I tried, (I can't remember), and I didn't repurchase it last year, but this year I decided to give it another go, as it is such a lovely product. Apparently it is supposed to give out little stars in the water, but mine didn't do that the first time, so I'm hoping that it's second time lucky. I feel like this has more of a citrus smell, which I really like.

Fairy Dust

I'm sat here trying to justify buying this, but it was a total, 'it's pink and glittery, so it must come home with me', I don't know, I just like pink and glitter. I can guarantee that this will last a long, as there are quite a few occasions where turning up glittery isn't really acceptable. All you do with this is put it on your skin and rub it in and voila, you are now glittery. On the bottle it also says that you can sprinkle this in your bed before you get in to sleep, and I assume you wake up with that glittery.

Beautiful Shower Gel

If you'd like to read an actual review of this, then you can click here, as I have written about this before. I am in love, where as before I had the little bottle, I got the next size up, as this shower gel is a little bit pricey, especially when compared to Snow Fairy. I adore the smell of this, and funnily enough peach and apricot aren't something that I would be drawn to, but it's my favourite and something that no one seems to talk about which is a shame.

What are you favourite Christmas products from Lush?

Thank you for reading!

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