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50 Instagram Post Ideas!


As somebody who is a little obsessed with Instagram, as I love looking through at other people's photos and seeing what people are getting up to! I try and post everyday, but this can get very difficult, especially when you are lacking in ideas, so I thought I would share some things to post when you're struggling for ideas.

1. Food! Everyone loves a good food post, right?!
2. OOTD (outfit of the day)
3. MOTD (makeup of the day)
4. A selfie!
5. Your manicure or NOTD
6. Pretty flowers
7. The book/ magazine that you're currently reading!
8. Been shopping? Show what you got!
9. Tried out a new hairstyle
10, Nail varnish collection, or a selection of the ones you own!
11. Anything related to Lush!
12. Been on holiday? Share some pictures!
13, A hairstyle you've been loving lately
14. A selection of the haircare products you use
15. MAC lipsticks
16. Quotes, whether they be inspirational or humorous! 
17. Your dressing table or the area where you get ready
18. Candles
19. Latest home ware purchases
20. What's in your bag?
21. A yummy meal that you've cooked
22. Your favourite jewellery 
23. Your makeup brush collection
24. Your favourite eye shadow palettes 
25. Show your favourite handbag
26. Your favourite stationary pieces
27. Scenery, take some pictures when you're out on a walk!
28. The obligatory Starbucks/ Costa/ cafe Nero picture!
29. A picture of a film or TV show that you're currently loving!
30. A makeup counter, think along the lines of MAC
31. Your favourite fragrance
32. Going to the cinema? Share your snacks!
33. The view from your window or from the car
34. Anything with pretty packaging!
35. A song that you've been loving!
36. Share a photo from your new or upcoming blog post!
37. Concert tickets
38. Drinks/ cocktails!
39. If you've been baking show your latest creation 
40. Show an area of your room
41. A throwback!
42. A smoothie that you've made!
43. Your pet
44. Your favourite snack!
45. A display from one of your favourite stores or brands!
46. A picture with friends or family
47. Having a weekend away? Share a snap of the view from the window of the hotel!
48. A clothes haul!
49. A part of your makeup collection
50. A photo of the results from a bath bomb or bubble bar

I hope this helps if you're struggling for inspiration! If you'd like to follow me on instagram, you can find me at luxuryblush, I'll be sure to follow you all back!

Thank you for reading! 

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