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Lush Christmas Haul!


Is anyone capable of walking into Lush and walking out with nothing, because I certainly aren't. For the last few months, I have had to stop myself from going into my local store, as I know I'll end up spending a good amount of money, but after seeing the Christmas and Halloween products, (mainly Christmas), I had to. I was good, and didn't go wild, but I picked up a few bits. 

Shoot for the Stars

The first thing I picked up is Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, because it is my absolute favourite of all time, and I may have gotten a little bit too excited when I saw it. It is scented with Honey I washed the Kids, which is absolutely beautiful. If I remember correctly this turns the water a gorgeous shade of deep blue that has a lovely amount of glitter running through it. 

Star Dust

The other bath bomb I picked up is Star Dust which isn't all that exciting to look at and in all fairness I couldn't smell it when I was in the store, as I think my nose had, had enough, but I still got it, as I'd never seen it before and it look pretty and simple. I have since got home and looked at this on the website and it looks like it turns the water a lovely shade of pastel blue, which looks adorable. Now that I have got this home and I can smell it smells glorious, and I think may be one of my favourite scents, as this includes vanilla and vanilla is my favourite scent. It also contains Rosewood oil and Bergamot oil.

Peeping Santa

Onto bubble bars. The first one that I got is Peeping Santa, I just thought this was adorable... and that might be the main factor to why I bought it. The smell of this isn't my favourite, but I still like it, it contains Oilbanum oil, Bergamot oil and Geranium oil. I feel like it might have been a bit early to get a bubble bar shaped like Santa, as it is October, but it was pretty much impossible to resist.

Candy Mountain

The last thing has been around for a good couple of years, but I have never tried it. I have no idea why I've never bought it, but I finally got around to picking it up. It's cheap, it's pink and it smells like snow fairy, what is not to love? Candy Mountain has that signature snow fairy scent which is sickly sweet, but also a loveable classic. (I stock up on the shower gel and still have some left from last year). As I have never tried this, I have no idea how many bubbles it creates, but I have heard only good things, so I look forward to trying it!

And that is everything that I got from Lush! Yes, I might be starting early with the Christmas products, but the Christmas stuff is my favourite!

What is your favourite product from Lush?

Thank you for reading!

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