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Lush Beautiful Shower Gel Review


Today's post is going to be centred around the Beautiful shower gel from Lush. I don't see any hype about this, and I have no idea why. This has definitely become one of my favourite Lush shower gels, it is right up there with Snow Fairy.

I'm usually drawn towards the berry scents, things that are sweet and fruity and I don't think is anything like what I would usually go for. The peach and apricot mix beautifully to create a gorgeous scent. That in all fairness doesn't last long, but it doesn't fade straight away. 

 It is a gorgeous yellow shade and is laced with glitter, that glimmers in the light, but it is not overboard to the point where your body will be covered in glitter by the time you are finished.

One of the main things I love about this shower gel is that a little bit goes a long way, so you aren't using half of the bottle for only one shower. It is also thick in consistency and builds into a lovely lather.

Do you have any favourite shower gels from Lush?

Thank you for reading! 

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