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Lush Yoga Bomb Review


I'm pretty sure that this bath bomb is no longer just an Oxford Street exclusive, but is now available in all stores. This is brilliant news for me, as it means that it is easily available. I did however pick this up from the Oxford Street store, (is that important, probably not so much)

I saw pictures of this all over instagram and twitter, so I knew that I wanted to pick it up, as it looked beautiful. At a glance it looks quite plain, as it is just one colour on the outside which may lead some people to believe that it won't d much, but the term 'don't judge a book by its cover', is very necessary here.

so the bubbles also formed a heart

In the water it slowly started fizzing and then the other colours came along, The other colours are blue, green and purple, although these don't really have an impact of the overall colour of the bath, but just look nice whilst the bath bomb is fizzing away. The end result was okay, I wouldn't rave, but the colour of the water was slightly yellow with a mix of orange, but on the plus side it was super glittery and whilst that looks lovely it does mean the bath needs to be rinsed after use, as some of the glitter will stay in the tub.

If you've seen my Lush Haul, then you'll probably know that I love the smell of this is Sandalwood, Ho Wood Oil and it also contains Oilbanum. So it is quite a woody scent that is very relaxing.

If you do fancy giving this bath bomb ago then it will only set you back by £3.95, which is a small price for such a lovely bath bomb.

Do you have any favourite bath bombs from Lush?

Thank you for reading!

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