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Brand Focus: Soap and Glory


When struggling for ideas for my next post, it suddenly occurred to me that I have a draw that is full of Soap and Glory products, so I thought that instead of doing separate posts on each product, I would focus on the brand in general.

I think the main thing I love about Soap and Glory products is that quality is pretty much guaranteed, as all of the products are so consistent, and I don't have that worry of 'will this product actually do anything?' I also love the huge range of not only skincare, but makeup products too. The products are also amazingly priced, but you can get a really good deal when there's a 3 for 2 on!

But anyway onto the products! 

The Righteous Butter

I actually have both sizes of this, because it was gifted to me and I loved it that much I went out to buy the bigger size. I mean with shea butter and aloe vera it is amazing at softening skin. I find that a little bit goes a long way, so you don't need ridiculous amounts of the product to get a result, and it also sinks in really quickly! 

Sugar Crush Body Scrub

The sugar crush range is definitely my favourite, as I love the smell of limes and brown sugar, one weird fact about this for me is that when I got my very first product from this scent it was in December,so the scent reminds me of Chrismas, even though it is quite a summery product. This is particularly good for mornings, as I find it is a brilliant 'wake me up' kind of product. The quality of the scrub is also amazing, I love the tub, I think the design on it is so pretty.

The Scrub of Your Life

This scrub has that typical Soap and Glory scent, that a number of the products have, including the righteous butter which I have already mentioned! I'm not so much of a fan to the packaging of the product, but that is simply for aesthetic purposes, as I much prefer the scrubs that are in the tubs. (okay that amuses more than it should, but moving on.) I do love how the scrub does actually stay on the skin so you are able to use it without having it fall off.

Hand Food

I know I have the bigger size, but I have gotten through the little tube of this, as it is so easy to pop the miniture in your handbag and use it out and about, especially in the winter when it's cold so your hands are more likely to become dry and need some moisture.

Heel Genius

I actually haven't used this that much, as I aren't a fan of touching feet, so applying this is a very difficult time for me, but when I have used it, I have noticed that it makes my feet feel incredibly soft. After using this I'll put on some fluffy socks and I'm good.

Peaches and Clean Cleanser

The pump on the bottle makes it so easy to actually get to the product. The scent isn't my favourite, as it has that slight hint of mint to it and mint is probably one of my least favourite scents, but it is a good product that would be good for all skin types!77

Face Soap and Clarity

I like how different this is to other facial washes as this isn't a serum or a cream, but instead is more of a gel like consistency that is really easy to lather up over the skin which means it is amazing at removing all of the dirt and bacteria.The vitamin C also gives a lovely radiance!

Sugar Crush Body Wash

I have done a full review on this product, if you'd like to read more about it click here!

Clean on Me Body Wash

I got this when I was going on a College trip to Paris, as I didn't want to take anything too big and this is perfect travelling size. It has that classic Soap and Glory scent and what I especially love about the product is how it lathers, as I found it come to an amazing lather.

Mist You Madly

This is so easy to spray on and not have that overpowering smell, as it is a mist, so it is not too overpowering, it has that light floral scent which is lovely in the Spring. 

Hand Maid 

I am that person that always has hand sanitizer in my bag, I just find it easy to carry and you never know when it can come in handy, but I love this one. the scent is similar to hand food. The main thing that is great about this though is that it isn't sticky, it applies beautifully and doesn't leave the hands feeling all sticky all horrible.

Glow All Out Highlighter

I have spoken about this before, if you have seen my other posts then you will know that I have love for this product and use it regularly. I love the champagne pink and I think it provides a beautiful glow.

 Supercat Eye-liner

I have mentioned this a while ago on my blog, and I loved, but when it ran out I didn't repurchase for some strange reason, but I'm so happy that I finally decided to pick it up again as I remembered why I fell in love with it. I find that it is so easy to apply and even makes cat eyes a little achieve. It also has great staying power and a perfect colour.

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Bashful & Raplumzel 

These are called gloss sticks for a reason as they do look glossy, but they have the ability of looking glossy without actually being sticky, which I absoloutly love, I would say that these are some of my favourite products. Bashful is such a pretty neutral where as Raplumzel is more of an Autumn/ Winter shade.

Kick Ass Concealer

What I love about this is not only are you getting one shade of concealer you get two and as well as that you get a little setting powder a sponge to apply it with and I know that no one likes to use the sponge, but it does make it super easy to take out with you, as that way you won't need to carry the brush. Application is also made easier by the mirror that is at the bottom with the two shades.

Do you have any favourite Soap and Glory products? 

Thank you for reading!

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