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Born Pretty Eye Shadow Trio*


From my previous post about Born Pretty you might have noticed that I was sent two products and here is the second. Again a big thank you to Born Pretty for agreeing to send me this. I thought I would touch on the delivery of the items in this post too; as it is very clear that care was taken when wrapping the items, so they would arrive in perfect condition and not be marked or broken in some way.

The product in this post will be all about an eye shadow trio from Ciaoyan. I went for the trio 04, as I do love natural brown tones and these didn't look too dark.

Without flash

I think that the three shades compliment each other perfectly, as the white shade is a really pretty highlight, where as the middle shade is lovely for an all over lid colour and the darkest brown is nice for definition in the crease.

I am also so impressed with the pigmentation and just how lovely and creamy it is to touch, and the amount of glitter is a little insane, but it doesn't look crazy once applied, but if you are a lover of matte shades then this trio is not for you.

With flash

I like the packaging, as it is simple and easy to put in a makeup bag to be taken on the go, as it doesn't take up too much room, as it isn't that big. I also think the colour really compliments the three shades really well.

Without flash

With flash

This trio is priced at $4.22 which is incredible seen as though the quality of the product is amazing! When converted it is £2.78 (according to Google), Considering the size of the three shades this is really good value for money and it won't break the bank.

If you would like to have a look at the trio on the website and look at the other shades available then click here! And if that wasn't enough I also have a code for you to use, so you can get a further discount of 10%! I just love a good bargain and Born Pretty definitely has some really good pieces for an amazing price.

If you would like 10% off then just enter my code which is NAMH10 

I would love to hear what you think and if you get anything!

Thank you for reading!

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