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The Struggle of Bottle Blonde Hair


I am not a natural blonde; this isn't a secret, I mean look at my eyebrows, do I look like a natural blonde? Nope, I do not. I have however been blonde since I was about 13-14, so quite a long time now, and before anyone goes into shock about how damaged my hair is after five years of colour. It is healthy, as I don't bleach it, I have colour put on.

I spoke to my hairdresser about my hair and the damage and she reassured me that my hair is not damaged, as I don't use heat on it, and if I do it's not often and I make sure to use heat protector, but enough about the journey of my hair.

1. It can be crazy expensive

As I built my colour up over the years I didn't have to make a number of trips to get it blonde all at once, but it costs a fortune and numerous salon trips to get the desired colour when you're starting from dark. Luckily I have a hairdresser who knows what she's doing, but isn't that expensive to top the colour up, but some charge a lot.

2. Regrowth

This is what I struggle with the most, I mean once I leave the hairdressers I am happy to have my blonde locks, and as the hairdressers call it, princess hair, but it doesn't last especially with the dark colour of brunette creeping its way back in. It's just not a good look to have blonde hair with dark hair gradually showing through the roots.

3. Maintaining the Blonde

There are so many products available to help take the brassy tones out of hair, but leave the product on for too long and you'll be left with purple hair. With having dyed hair, you have to be extremely careful with chlorine in water, as stay in too long and the blonde will be turning green.

4. Eyebrows

I seem to get mixed opinions about my brows, some people think I should dye them, and others say that it looks good. I personally like my brows, and I don't want to get them lightened, but some people seem to hate the idea of having hair and brows that don't match.

5. Time Consuming

I think that having dyed hair is very time consuming never mind costly, as I go to the salon quite a lot, probably about very five weeks, and as I go with my mum who has a full head done it takes about three hours to get us both done. It's not exactly a quick process.

Has anybody else gone from brunette to blonde?

Thank you for reading!

*Not my gifs*

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