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Byron Proper Burgers


I thought I'd do a different kind of post today and share my experience at a place called Byron, before the trip I had never heard of the chain, as they don't have any near me and I have never heard anybody talk about them.

During my shopping trip with my mum, we decided to look for somewhere to eat, as it was approaching 2pm and we were yet to eat. After struggling to find somewhere, we saw a Subway and decided to go there, but as we were walking down we saw this place, we looked at the menu and decided to go in.

I was a bit shocked when we first went in, as the place was dead. Full of staff, but no customers, so we started to wonder what we had let ourselves in for. We sat in a booth and straight away the waiter was over with a drink menu and food menu. We ordered our drinks and then had a proper look at the food menu.

I decided to go for the chicken burger, but I nearly went for a safe option, as the menu stated that the chicken burger had Byron sauce on it, and as a fusser eater, I was a little bit suspicious to what it would be, as there was the high possibility that I wouldn't like it. My mum decided on the cheese burger and then decided that we should get the fries and skin on chips to share, as the burgers don't come with anything.

Whilst we were waiting some more people came in, but still it wasn't a lot. I don't actually mind a place not being full, as I hate busy places and crowds of people. We didn't have to wait long until the food came.

You know when you look at food and you have that thought that it is going to taste amazing? That's what I had with this, as soon as I saw it I was looking forward to eating it. The chips come in two little separate pots, which I liked a lot. I would recommend the skin on chips rather than the fries, as you cannot beat home-made chips; they were delicious!

I literally have not shut up about how much I liked the food, it is the nicest meal that I have had for a long time.I love how none of the food was greasy and was lovely to eat. I also liked the interior, as I liked the minimalist theme and how the booths were quite private, as the seats were a little higher than they are in some places.

The staff were very attentive and very friendly without being overbearing, which is surprising considering the place wasn't busy, but it was nice.

The restaurant that we went to is on Rathbone street, (which took me ages to find online, as I don't know London very well). I would highly recommend this place, as I can't fault the service or the food at all!

Thank you for reading!

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