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Holiday Disaster?


I have already mentioned that this trip was very eventful and I thought that I would do a blog post on it. I never mentioned that I was going away and that was because I was really busy and didn't find time to write anything about it, as I had left everything till last minute.

We flew to Malaga airport and our plane was at 6am, so me and my friend decided that we wouldn't sleep, as we had to leave at 2am. The flight was around two hours which isn't bad, but I still didn't manage to sleep, so by the time we had landed me and my friend has easily been awake for over 24 hours.

As we weren't staying in a hotel, but in a villa, we hired a car and set off. Instead of driving straight to the villa because we had been told prior to this that we couldn't arrive later than 3pm and it was around 11/12am when we managed to set out from the airport.

We decided to stop off at a shopping centre, that had a couple of shops in and then a massive supermarket. We parked on an underground car park that was shopping centres own car park and went in. We spent about an hour and a half having something to eat and buying food to put in the villa.

Now this is where it gets eventful (and is actually getting difficult to write)

When we arrived back to the car there was a security man standing next to the car and as he saw us walk towards him he started pointing at the side of the car. We assumed that we must have parked in a disabled place, as we had parked close to the door, but we hadn't. The window of the car had been smashed, there was glass all over the inside of the car and on the floor next to the car. Our car had been broken into.

When we looked at what had gone missing, it was mine and my friends hand luggage bags, as we had left them in boot of the car as we wouldn't need them until we got back to the villa. The thief had smashed the back window pulled the chair forward and snatched mine and my friends bags. 

Even thinking about it now is horrible, as I have lost a lot and the shock of it is hard to deal with. I have lost my purse with all of my cards (debit card, provisional license, boots card etc) my phone, iPod, iPad and other little things like books, headphones and chargers. 

From what we learnt about the situation afterwards from my friends mum who was back at home researching it. This is a big thing that happens on this car park, as it only has one security camera, so locals know that they will not get caught, as no one is prepared to have more cameras fitted.We also found out that nothing is been done because it is only tourists who are being targeted. When I was walking around the car park, I would see local cars with handbags left on the floor of the passenger side and we couldn't even leave our bags in the boot. 

The hardest thing was communicating with the security, as they did not speak English and we can't speak Spanish. We had to point to the car to try and describe the colours of the bags, as my bag was white and so was the car and my friends was black and the car had black on it.

After that day, I did want to fly home immediately, but I didn't and I'm glad that I stayed.

Overall it was a good holiday, as we still had day trips out to Marbella and did all of the typical holiday things. 

The villa was lovely with a lot of floors and an amazing view, as it was located really high up a mountain.

In this villa there was a lift in the garage that needed a key which would take you up to the ground floor (which is about four levels above the ground), but on the last day the key didn't work and we had no other way into the villa.

In the end we had to climb up the stairs (and there was a lot of stairs) to sit outside and wait for someone to come and let us in. Then it started to thunder and lightening and I'm not one of these people that love it. After a few minutes of that it started to rain. We had been told a couple of days before that it only rains for about 10 or 15 days a year and when does it decide to rain? When we're locked out. It does sound made up, but it isn't and it was actually hilarious.

Boats in Marbella

My cocktail in Marbella

Like I said earlier it was a good holiday and I have enjoyed it. I was going to do a what's in my carry on post, but that obviously cannot happen now.

But anyway, thank you for reading!


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