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Lush: Twilight Bath Bomb


When I first started buying bath bombs from Lush, I always avoided this one because of the colour, I assumed that it would turn the water a bright pink colour, and even though I love the colour pink, I'm not much for bright pink bath water. I finally decided to give in and try it, as it is the only bath bomb from the normal collection that I haven't tried, and I am so glad that I did.

The main scent to this is Lavender, and I will admit that I aren't the biggest fan of Lavender, but this smelt lovely, and I was surprised by how much I liked the smell and the product as a whole.

This is definitely one of the bigger bath bombs and could be split in half for two baths, but I like to chuck the whole product in at once.

Here's a fun story, when I was running the bath for this I managed to fill the whole bath with cold water instead of hot, (my bath tap is weird, ok,) luckily I hadn't put the bath bomb in for long, so I had to take it out, whilst I refilled the bath with hot water. It wasn't my finest moment.

Once I had refilled the bath with hot water, I put the bath bomb in and noticed that it fizzes slowly, only a deep shade of pink being given off at first, but then shades of light blue were showing and leaving a froth and a few bubbles on the top of the water.

The colour is more of a violet or indigo with hints of silver glitter. This product has been designed to be relaxing, and is nice to use before bed.

I absolutely loved this product a lot more than I was expecting to and it is definitely worth a repurchase.

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