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My Trip to London


When thinking about post ideas, I realised that I never posted about my weekend to London. I went for mine and my mum's birthdays, as hers is on the 25th and mine the 27th. It was a lovely weekend and I have completely fell in love with London.

On the Saturday when we first arrived, the first place we ended up going was Primark, as I had managed to forgot to pack my hairbrush, after using it that morning to get ready.

After dinner we went into Harrods, (or Howards as my brothers girlfriend pronounced it). It was crazy to look at how expensive everything was, but everything was gorgeous. I especially liked the gowns section, as all of the dresses were beautiful. 

We did a bit of sight seeing after this, like the tourists that we were. Later that evening we went to the theatre to  watch War Horse, and it was brilliant! I didn't know what to expect, as I haven't seen the film, but I cannot get over just how good this was. I have raved about this to everyone. I think it is amazing how well they did the horse and the whole thing was just incredible.

Sunday was spent being tourists, as we went on the London Eye, did a boat tour on the River Thames and that was about it from that day, as the train back was at about four. I won't talk about this though, as I think the pictures do it justice.

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