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Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review


I have recently been experimenting with eye shadow, as I wouldn't wear it; not because I don't like it, but because I never had time to try something that wasn't a simple natural colour across the lid, but as I have started to collect more eye shadow, I have discovered that my favourite type are cream gels.

Maybelline have their own range of these shadows, called EyeStudio Colour Tattoo 24 hour Cream Gel Eye shadow, or Colour Tattoos for short.

I love the packaging of these, although comparisons can be made to the paint pots by MAC, as they are both in glass pots, with a black screw lid. A complete difference between the two is the price, as the price of these is only £4.99, where as the paint pots are £15.50.

On and On Bronze

On and On Bronze, is the first shade I bought from the range, it is a shimmery bronze/brown. I like to use this a base, as it is perfect for any bronze/brown looks. It has a metallic like finish that can be blended out to a shimmer.

Pink Gold

This is probably my favourite out of the four that I own. It is a metallic baby pink shade. I like to wear this as an all over wash of colour without any other eye shadow over the top. I do not however think that this shade works under the lower lash line due to how pink the shade is.

Metallic Pomegranate

I think the name of the shade is perfect, as that is exactly what the shade is; Metallic Pomegranate, since it is metallic and a deep burgundy colour. I haven't worn this shade very much, but I would say that it is more suitable to autumn than summer. This might not be very interesting or important, but I did wear this shade when I went to Scarefest for Halloween at Alton Towers. I didn't wear the shade over my eyes, but in fact as a bruise. It was the perfect colour, and people would say how real it looked. It was also a real test of lasting power for the product. It lasted really well, only having to have a little touch up once.

Permanent Taupe

This is the latest shade to my collection. It is the only shade that has a matte finish, as all others have a metallic finish. It's more of a grey colour and I'm unsure if I like it, as it reminds me of cement, weird I know.

Has anyone else tried any of these?

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