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B&M Haul


I know what you're thinking, B&M, really? I always look at the makeup and wonder how it is so cheap, and that puts me off, because I get the feeling that something is up with it since it is so cheap, even though I get constantly reminded that B&M just sells products that other stores don't sell anymore and stuff like that, but when seeing the prices of these products, I couldn't not try it.

The first two things I came across were the shampoos and conditioners. I am running out of my usual, so I decided to try something new. The Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer. I haven't tried these before, but at £1.99 each, I thought why not give it ago?

I love dry shampoo, what is not to love about having clean looking hair? I decided to pick up the Aussie, Miracle Dry Shampoo, Aussome Volume. This is another product that I haven't tried before, I can't remember the price, and I don't know where the receipt has got to, and I have looked on the website, but cannot find it anywhere, so sorry about that. I wouldn't say that this Dry Shampoo has a particular smell, but it isn't a bad smell.

I cannot get over these two purchases. I got two of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush balms, for £1.99 each. Yes, £1.99 each. I have checked the Boots website and they are currently priced for £4.49 and that is with an offer. Fair enough B&M didn't have a wide colour selection, but I don't think that matters too much. I got the shades make me blush and rumour has it. I would describe make me blush, as a barbie pink, even though it does not look like it, it definitely comes off as a much lighter pink than it looks. Rumour has it, is more of a berry colour, that can look different, as in the store I thought it looked more of a pink, but at home it looked more red.

Two things convinced me to pick this up, the price and the original brand. It is the Illegal Definition Mascara by Maybelline. I picked this up for £2.99. 

Has anyone else ever tried ant products from B&M?

Thank you for reading!

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