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ColourPop Haul and Swatches!


I don't know why I didn't get around to ordering anything from ColourPop sooner, but I'm so glad that I did. (Well I do know, it's because of that dreaded customs charge) ColourPop seems to be everywhere at the moment with practically everyone talking about their products. 

I'm going to start with the customs info, as it's probably better to get that out of the way. I bought $50 worth to get the free shipping, which worked out at about £40 when converted. If you want to pay for shipping that'll cost you an extra $10. I got the dreaded customs letter, and I had to pay an extra £17.08 to be precise. I don't know if that's a lot, as I have nothing to compare it to. I am definitely glad that I went for the free shipping, as I wouldn't like to pay for shipping AND customs! 

Considering the parcel had to be shipped over from the US it didn't take long to get here either, as I received it nine days after ordering.

Anyway let's get into what I got!

Pearlized Highlight - $8 Each


I was a little gutted when I saw this, as it looks incredibly dark in the pan, but it is actually a beautiful light champagne beige. This one does contain multi dimensional glitter, so if you don't like glittery highlight then this might not be for you.

Lunch Money

Lunch Money is a gorgeous warm toned light golden beige with a frosted finish. This product is a creme formula so it is better applied with your fingers rather than a brush.

Top to Bottom: Spoon and Lunch Money

Super Shock Shadow - $5 Each


I got this for $4 so there are no complaints there! Lovely is my favourite type of colour; it's a light medium gold with a glittery metallic finish.


Weenie is described as a true metallic rose gold. I know I've only swatched this, but it seems to be really pigmented.


Drift is described as a true cranberry and it has a pearl finish. I love the warm tones that this has, and think it will compliment a lot of different looks. 

Top to Bottom: Drift, Lovely and Weenie

Lippie Stix - $5 Each


This is one that I have heard lots about, so I decided to pick one up for myself. It is described as a dusty mauve pink, so there shouldn't be anything not to love. Again, I know I have only swatched this, but it looks more purple than it does pink, so I'm looking forward to see what colour it is once applied. (and hoping that it is pink) This one is also a matte formula.


I will admit that I am slightly biased about this one, as my star sign is Aquarius. Aquarius is described as a soft pink nude, and it is a creme formula. To me it seems to a be a rosy beige type colour and I'm looking forward to seeing it on.

Top to Bottom: Lumiere and Aquarius

Lippie Pencils - $5 Each

Lumiere and Aquarius

I got these to go with the Lippie Stix that I got in the same colours. I won't go over these again, as they're the same as I've just been through. Apologies for the terrible swatches too. 

Top to Bottom: Lumiere and Aquarius

Ultra Matte Lip - $6 Each

Aquarius 2

Again I'm a little biased because of the name, but I love the look of Aquarius 2. It is described as a mauve nude, to me it looks like if Aquarius is too pink for you then this will be the perfect alternative.

That is everything I got from ColourPop! Quite a picture heavy post!

What's your favourite ColourPop product?

Thank you for reading!

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