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Blogmas Day 22: Beauty Products I've Tried in 2016


I thought I would do a post on some of the products that I have bought this year, and go through my views. It's not a favourites post as much, just certain things that I've tried.

Tarte | Tartelette in Bloom Palette 

I got this palette at the start of the year and it has been through quite a lot hence the missing pan Charmer. I'm just glad I lost the white shade and not one of the others. The shade I have used the most from this palette is funny girl, which is a light medium gold, with warm orange undertones with a frosted sheen. Overall it is a warm - neutral palette that I think many people will get on with. The quality of the shadows is spot on, they last all day and are extremely pigmented.

Too Faced | Melted Lipsticks

I got my first one of these back in January, and fell in love with the formula and the quality. There are so many colour to pick from, as well as different finishes. I haven't tried the Metallic range, but they look just as good. There is also a Chocolate range which you've guessed it; smells like chocolate. These also come matte formulas. In my collection, I have:

Melted Peony: Is described as a Dusty Rose. It's a light-medium pink with warm undertones. It's bright, but it isn't in your face.
Melted Chihuahua: This is described as a dusty mauve. It's a medium peachy-brown with a little bit of Rose too.
 Melted Melon: This is the brightest shade out of the four, as this one is described as guava. It's a bold and bright orange coral shade.
Melted Chocolate Milkshake: This one is a muted, medium peach with warm undertones.

All four of these have amazing lasting power, some settle into fine lines after a while, but overall they last a good five hours. They're all creamy and leave a semi matte finish.

 Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow | My Two Cents 

I love using this as an eye-shadow base, as this lasts all day and like the name suggests it doesn't crease or fade. The colour is absolutely stunning, it's a muted copper-bronze with a bronze shimmer frosted finish. I apply this with a flat brush, as I find that looks neater than applying with fingers, but you can use either. I love that when blended it turns to a golden brown which is soft and muted, much different to the warm toned copper it is beforehand. I'd definitely recommend these, as the quality is incredible, but no one seems to talk about them.

Makeup Obsession Palette

I have a full post on this which will be easier if you want to look into this in more detail; you can click here to check it out! This is a relatively new brand that offer you the chance to fully customise your own palette, as you get to pick the colours. These are incredibly cheap, as a single eye shadow costs £2. Some shades are better than others, as some have more pigment, but the colours can be built. My favourite highlighter is Moon which everybody seems to love, as it is extremely pigmented and lasts all day.

Dior | Lip Glow

This is another one I have a post all about, which you can check out here! This may be on the pricey side, but it is worth it, as you get what you pay for. Even though it looks like a gorgeous pink shade in the tube, the actual colour is unique to you, as it reacts to your lip chemistry. It all sounds very technical, but it is really pretty and unique. It applies smoothly, so you don't have to tug at the lips to get an even application. Overall it is a really pretty and luxurious product.

That is everything I'm going to go through!

What have you tried throughout 2016?

Thank you for reading!

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