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Blogmas Day 20: Three Of My Favourite Highlighters


Like most people, I love a good highlight. I thought this would be a good post to do at this time of the year, as a signature part of Christmas makeup is the glow!

The Balm | Mary-Lou Manizer

I have a full post on this, which you can check out here!     This is my all time favourite highlight, and I do have another on stand by, as this one is getting lower and lower. (You can tell which one I photographed) This highlight is such a gorgeous champagne shade which can be very in your face, especially if you are heavy handed. If you want a strong highlight then you need to try this one! This is £17.49 on Superdrug.

MAC | Soft and Gentle

This is a highlight that everybody seems to rave about, and for good reason! It is a gorgeous glittery, champagne peach, but there is a tiny bit of bronze too. As this is a warm toned highlighter it looks stunning on medium and darker skin tones, but it also works well for fair skin. This is another pigmented highlighter, so if you like the subtle look this might not be for you. This one costs £24

Anastasia Beverly Hills | That Glow

This may be cheating, as there are four highlighters in here, but we'll skip that bit. If you don't like the packaging then that's okay, as you can remove the pans and put them in your own magnetic palette. I do think That Glow works better for warmer skin tones, but three out of the four shades work just as well on fair skin too. My three favourite shades are: 

Sunburst, which is a light yellow gold. 
Bubbly, which is a light medium golden beige 
Dripping in Gold, which is a light medium, yellow gold with strong warm undertones

They are my favourite highlighters!

What highlighter is your favourite?

Thank you for reading!

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