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How to Stay Financially Fit!*


I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Credit Card Insider with the idea of working on your fitness: mind, body and wallet! Which basically means getting/ staying fit whilst not breaking the bank.

One of Credit Card Insiders primary goals is to educate the younger generation about how to manage credit cards and make wise financial decisions. Which is something I am extremely in need of, as managing credit cards isn't something we were taught at school. I am pretty sure that we all learn from past mistakes especially when it comes to managing money. 

I for one aren't going to go crazy in Boots (or pretty much anywhere that sells makeup, let's be honest)  and buy more makeup that I most certainly do not need when money is tight. As I might have a face full of makeup, but that isn't cute when I can't afford anything else. (Not that I have ever got myself into that much of a mess).

Anyway lets move onto my suggestions on how to stay financially fit.

Finding a Workout Video Online and Doing it at Home

YouTube is full of workout videos. In fact I really need to get back into the routine of doing these. As there is such a wide variety that it is guaranteed you will find something at your level. You can do these in the comfort of your own home, so if going out to a class scares you a little, you can easily do these in the privacy of your own home, so it won't cost a thing.

Go For a Run

Now I aren't much of a runner, but if you can't get hold of a treadmill then this is the perfect alternative. Grab some headphones and get some upbeat music on and you're well on your way! Another way to exercise without it costing a penny!

Go for a Walk

If you're like me and running isn't for you, you can always walk. I know plenty of people who have lost a load of weight by walking, as it is simple yet effective. There are also some lovely places to go for walks that you don't have to pay to get in, so everybody's a winner.

Stop Eating Junk Food!

Not only will your wallet feel a lot better, but you will too. I'm not suggesting you go all in at once and cut everything out at once, but slowly get into a routine where you eat less and less junk. Slowly replace fizzy drinks for water. You will definitely be able to feel the difference once you've managed to cut it down.


There are plenty of apps for exercise and to note just how many calories you have eaten throughout the day, and they cost absolutely nothing to download. You can even share information from these apps to social media, so you can share your success with others, and this is such a good form of motivation.

And there we have my suggestions for stay finacially fit this Summer!

Do you have any ideas on how to stay fit, but not spend?

Thank you for Credit Card Insider for working with me on this post, if you'd like to check out their website you can click here!

Thank you for reading!

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