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Dior Lip Glow Review


Do you have them products that you have in your collection, but because they're quite pricey you don't use them as often, as you don't want to waste it? (Does that make sense?) Well this is that product for me.

The packaging is so pretty with a simple pink plastic case and a little bit at the end which stops it from standing up on its own. I don't think there's enough words to do it justice, but the reason why I like it so much is probably because it's pink.

This product is essentially a tinted lip balm and £24 may be a lot for what it is, but it is such a lovely product. (Still a little bit biased by the pretty shade of pink). I am a lip balm person though, I do love a good lip balm, so how could I resist one that reacts to your lip chemistry to create a tone perfect for you? I guess it's kind of similar to a mood ring... sort of... not really, but you get the idea.

I love how smoothly this glides on, so you aren't left tugging at your lips to try and get an even application. Plus it's exciting to see what colour it turns too. My lips are quite dark anyway, so I get a shade that is quite bright deep pink.

Something about the scent reminds me of being holiday and I'm not too sure why, it might be because I bought it whilst I was away.  I love the formula of these, as it has brilliant lasting power and applies beautifully.

Have you tried the Dior Lip Glow?

Thank you for reading!

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