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MAC Lipstick Collection and Swatches!


This post isn't to show off in anyway; I just thought it would be fun to do, as I love posts like this, because you can be a little nosy into someone else's collection, as well as getting ideas for what to buy next.

I will be swatching the products, and listing them by finishes, as I think that will be easier to follow. I hope you enjoy!


I'm not too sure how well I get on with Matte finishes, as my lips tend to get really dry and matte finishes don't help that. Matte lipsticks do however give a really good colour pay off, but with no shine.

Velvet Teddy

One of the most recent additions to my collection, but I'm sure that everyone has heard of this shade, as it is probably one of the most talked about. It's the famous Kylie Jenner nude that everyone went mad about. I must admit that I did give in to the hype, but I do love nude shades so it works out. This is a really pretty deep toned beige. I have heard a few people say that it doesn't suit them, so trying before you buy is a good suggestion.

Lady Danger

Another one of my newest purchases, and I must admit that I am a little scared of this shade, as red is a little out of my comfort zone. It is more of a coral red than a classic red, and I am a fan of coral reds; especially in the summer.


This shade is quite similar to Rebel, so if you prefer a Satin finish then Rebel may be more up your street. Diva is stunning for Autumn and Winter, as it is a deep reddish burgundy, which everybody loves in the colder months.

Left to Right: Rebel, Lady Danger, Velvet Teddy


I am a fan of Satin lipsticks, as it is Matte with a slight sheen, so it isn't as drying, but the colour pay off is still there.


Brave was my very MAC lipstick, as it is quite similar to Velvet Teddy, but not a definite matte. This is extremely similar to my lips, or the classic phrase that I'm sure everyone has heard 'My Lips, but Better'. It is more of pink-beige, where as Velvet Teddy is a deep beige.


I'm pretty sure that this wins the award for my favourite MAC lipstick. It is pretty similar to Brave, but where as with this one you can actually tell that I have a bit of lipstick on, where as it's harder to tell with Brave. It's still a My Lips, but Better shade, but it is a mauve pink.


I was only going to get faux or twig, but I couldn't resist Twig, so I had to buy it and add it to my collection. Twig is a muted brownish pink, so I'm sure it will look a little darker than Faux, I am yet to try it properly, so can't comment on it a lot, as I haven't owned it for the longest time.


I have done a post of this lipstick, so if you'd like to see a bit more of this lipstick, then you can click here!  I think this shade looks quite scary, but it isn't that bad when it's on the lips, it's a plum like shade, and is a real popular Autumn shade. I love wearing this, and need to get more use before Spring arrives.


I am yet to try Snob, as it is new to my collection and I haven't had time to try it yet, but it looks like a neutral pink, definitely blue toned, so if blue toned pinks aren't your thing, then this probably isn't for you. It does look a little vibrant when it's on from what I've seen from pictures, but I'm looking forward to giving this a try.

Left to Right: Brave, Faux, Twig, Rebel and Snob


Frost lipsticks have good colour pay off and have a slight shimmer to them, which means they can be quite sheer.


This apparently is one of Kim Kardashian's go to lip colours, whether it still is, I obviously have no idea. I haven't tried it on my own lips yet, as I haven't owned it for that long, but it is a lovely soft pink with a little bit of pearl, so the frost doesn't seem to be that noticeable. I'm sure this will be a great nude for daytime.


I like the cremesheens, as they are creamy and give a good coverage that can be built up.

Speed Dial

This is the lipstick that I tend to apply before work. I'm not exactly sure why I wear a pink lipstick to work, but I like it, as it adds that little bit extra to a black uniform. Plus it isn't too strong in pigmentation, but it can be built up to be stronger. It is a blue toned pink, but a colour that is easy to wear.


I don't hear much about this shade which is a shame, as it is such a nice colour. It's a salmon pink, but there is a hint of coral, I'd say this is a perfect day time shade, especially in the Spring.

Creme Cup

When I got this I really expected to love it, but I'm not feeling it. It looks like such a gorgeous colour in the bullet, but because I have natural darker lips, this colour doesn't show up, and after giving it a good go, I get a little colour. I know I should expect that with a cremesheen formula, but I will play around with it. I could line my lips lighter and then apply this, but I can't see myself putting that much effort in. As I had high exceptions for this, I will play around with it, to find something that works. It's a light pink with blue tones, but it has a good balance between nude and pink, I just wish it would actually apply to my lips.

left to right: Creme Cup, Fanfare and Speed Dial

Amplified Creme

Amplified is a good category for those who don't mind having to top up their lipstick throughout the day, as it doesn't tend to last very long, but they are creamy and glossy with great pigmentation. As this is a creme, that means it doesn't dry out the lips, so definitely a winner there.

Vegas Volt

I love this shade, and it is perfect for Summer, as it is a pure coral and with it being an amplified finish the pigmentation is really there. It has pink undertones which are really pretty and give it a lovely finish. As it is not completely neon orange, it is good for those who don't want to have bright orange lips, but would like to test the orange waters beforehand.


You can really tell that I like my deep pink nudes, from this post, as here we have another one. MAC describe this as pink coco. I have heard that this lipstick suits a range of skin tones, which is always a good thing, as buying lipstick on someone else's recommendation can be a little tricky, as your skin won't be the same as theirs, so the shade may look different, but if the lipstick suits a range then everybody's a winner.


This shade is pretty similar to Speed Dial (that similar, I just got confused to which one I wear to work, but I'm pretty sure it's Speed Dial). After swatching the confusion is over, as Chatterbox is a bright red-pink, so it looks different when applied. (Another reason why you should swatch or research before you buy). I'd say this is more pink than red, and is a nice wearable shade

left to right: Chatterbox, Cosmo and Vegas Volt


Lustre lipsticks don't have the lasting power, as they are very glossy and have that wet look. The pigmentation is there though.


This is more of an Autumn/ Winter shade, and a really pretty one at that, as it isn't too deep, so it is great for during the day, or if you aren't ready to wear deep and dark berry tones, as this is more of a rose plum.

I definitely think I have problem.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, as I have not enjoyed removing all of this lipstick from my arms.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?

Thank you for reading!

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