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New Year, New Jewellery!*


I tend to spend most of my money on makeup or clothes, but I really need to buy more pieces of jewellery, as I don't really own a lot, so it was great timing when Gemporia got in contact with me to work with them on a post!

They have some gorgeous pieces at a range of prices, I'll be sharing with you some of my favourites from the site. Before I get into the products, I love how when you select a product, there is box with similar products, which is really handy, because if you're unsure on that particular item, but like the style, a similar thing is bound to come up; which you may end up liking even better!

If you would like to check out the website, then you can click here!

Sterling Silver Gothic Necklace

I may have fallen a little bit in love with this. It is so dainty, and looks like it could be worn on it's own or worn with another necklace on a longer chain, (is layering necklaces still a thing?) It costs £24, which is not bad! I'm not sure if I would consider this gothic, as it looks too dainty and cute, but I do love the criss cross pattern that it takes. Plus it's sterling silver, so just imagine how shiny and pretty it is in person!

17.5 Rose Gold Plated Sterling Diamond Cut Bead Chain 3.73G

Everybody loves Rose Gold right? If you don't then you won't be a huge fan of this (for obvious reasons), but look how cute it is! It's on a lovely delicate chain, and looks expensive even though it only costs £29.

0.56ct Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

This is the priciest of the three necklaces, as it is £30, but I think this is extremely pretty, and would make a nice gift for someone who has opal as their birthstone. It's Sterling Silver, so like the first necklace it is bound to have that shine to it. It also looks like it would be perfect for everyday wear, not just for special occasions.

Sterling Silver Station Bracelet

As I'm writing this the website says there is only one left in stock, so you will have to act quickly if you take a liking to this one! This costs £12, so friendly to those who are on a budget, and is dainty. It's a small chain, so definitely more suited to those who don't like bangles and bigger bracelets.

Sterling Silver Station Bracelet

(Let's pretend I didn't get a little confused that this bracelet has the same name as the last one). This bracelet is also £12, but they don't have limited availability! It is pretty similar to the last one, but definitely not the same. This one is also dainty and elegant looking!

Diamond Sterling Silver Halo Diamonds Ring

This is another one that is in limited availability. It's a good price, as it's only £15, and the ring it's self would be great for stacking. I like the detailing on the band, as it isn't plain, but instead has a twisting detailing

Two Tone Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring

This one is also in low availability. It costs £27, which isn't a bad price for the product. I love how it's two toned, as well as the leaf design. The leaf design isn't all the way around bad, but just around the front.

I don't want to make this post too long, so I'm not going to include anything else. Again all of these pieces are so lovely for a good price; if your budget is a little higher then there are plenty products for you to pick from.

A big thank you to Gemporia for working with me on this post! All of the images used are from their site.

Thank you for reading!

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