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A Year of Blogging: What I've Learnt


I can't believe that I've been posting on this blog for a year now, that may be because I didn't always post regularly, but I really got into it, and I think I've learnt quite a lot along the way, that I thought I'd share. This isn't me claiming to be perfect, as there are areas that I need to improve on, and I'll share them in this post too.

1. Persistence is a must (even if it is annoying)

I think that it is important to keep the readers attention by tweeting, using Instagram daily, but also use these to stay in touch readers by asking questions and asking for feedback, both can be really helpful when trying to improve.

2. Don't expect the world in a day

It isn't as easy as publishing a post and you've got views from the get go, you've got to work for views and promote like crazy. There are thousands of talented bloggers out there, so it's time to think of something to help you stand out from everybody else.

3. Keep Writing

It can be a little disheartening at first when you don't get the views, but you have to push through and carry on, and not let it stop you. This may be a little easier if you have a genuine passion in the area, as you'll find that you enjoy writing, so it doesn't become a chore.

4. Learn from your mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but it's important to learn and grow. If somebody leaves a negative comment on your blog, do not reject it, as this will not look good in the long run, accept it and take the criticism on board. (Unless it is general hate and then it should just be ignored)

5. Be genuine

I think something that everyone has in common is that we all hate being lied to. This is why it is very important to be genuine, as people will think a lot less of you if you aren't. Writing honest reviews are important, as readers should know if it is worth the money, as that is why they're reading about the product anyway, and they will not be impressed if they buy it on your recommendation and it doesn't work.

6. Be friendly and help others

Follow for follow? Giving a shout out instead of expecting them from others, and leaving nice comments on other peoples posts and Instagram posts, can all help you to make friends and appear friendlier to other people which may help you in the long run; when it comes to working with other blogger on a collaborative post or a simple sharing of your links.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are many things that I need to improve on and I'm hoping to improve on all of these this year, so I guess you could call them New Years Resolutions.

1. Talk to people!

I find this incredibly difficult, as being shy is a massive downfall for me. I don't know what's wrong with me, I just never know what to say or have the confidence to talk to anybody first. I know how much getting involved can help, and I really want to work on it.

2. Getting organised

I have the two days that I want to post picked, but I'm just not organised enough to actually stick to it, (apart from November, which was a very good month for me), I need to invest in a diary and actually use it. 


I am the worlds worst for this and it is atrocious, I really need to improve and learn to get things done on time and not put things off until later, which becomes three months later. It's not professional and makes me look unreliable, but that is no more! I also blame the weather, it's too dull to get good photos, which is not a good start.

I hope some of these tips help you, and I hope everyone has a great year! 

Thank you for reading!

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