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MAC Lipstick Wishlist


Does anyone else always research into the product before they buy it? Sometimes I will just go for it and buy a product just because I like the look of it, but 9 times out of 10, I will research into it just to make sure that the product is worth buying.

As I don't have a MAC store anywhere near me whenever I go somewhere that does have one I do a little bit of research to ensure that I can find a shade that I really like, as I don't like being in the stores for too long, as there are way too many people crowding around for my liking.

Whilst browsing the internet I came up with a list of the ones that I would like to purchase, and I thought why not share that list with everyone, so here we go:

Vegas Volt

I know that Winter is around the corner and this isn't the shade that you would pair with that season, but I love it! I don't own any other coral shades, but when I saw this being worn in a review, I fell for it. It is an Amplified formula which means incredible pigmentation, but also ultra creamy, so moisturising on the lips, but amazing colour

Please Me

I do love a nice natural looking pink shade. It seems like the shade would be nice for everyday, as it looks versatile and like it would go with any outfit. It is a matte finish which means there is no shine to this at all, but high pigmentation.


When I first started looking at MAC lipsticks a couple of years back I was convinced that I wanted this shade, as it isn't too loud, but it is still a lovely colour. It is a lustre finish which means it has a glossy look and is demi sheer.


Unlike Vegas Volt, Rebel is very much an Autumn/ Winter shade. I don't currently own any purple lipsticks, as I tend to stick with safe colours, but I think this could be a really pretty shade for the colder months. It is a Satin finish which means it is a semi matte finish, so it conditions the lips whilst being highly pigmented.

Lady Danger

Just recently I have been loving more orange toned reds and Lady Danger is exactly this. This lipstick is a matte formula, so just like Please Me, there is no shine, but high pigmentation

I should probably leave it at that, even though I could probably list a few more that have caught my attention.

Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick or one that you really want to try?

Thank you for reading!

*All Pictures are from the MAC website

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