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I feel like all I do at the beginning of posts is apologise for the lack of posts, but this time I really do have to apologise, as it has been too long. 

Even though it is only April this year has already been so busy for me, so much has changed in such a short amount of time, and even though I haven't wanted to I've had to prioritize and my blog has fell down the list, this post isn't to say that I'm quitting, in fact it is the opposite, as I have had time to regather my thoughts and I have some ideas of what to post and write about.

After a couple of motivational talks it has made me realise what is important and that I need to keep going and not push things to the back of my mind and think 'I'll do it later', so I can confirm that posts will be more often, and I should be back with a 'proper' post in a few days. 

It's time to get back into blogging, and the motivation levels are high haha

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