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January Favourites!


Is this late? I'm not too sure, but I've been away from all social media for the past couple of days because my life has been consumed by the Sims 4, but I'll talk about that later.

So another month has gone, it has been quite a good month for me, as I had my 18th and went to London, there were some not so great moments, but lets not mention that and get straight into what I have been loving throughout the month of January!

Barry M Gelly in Rose Hip

Yes it is Winter and I know the tradition is to wear darker colours on the nails, but I just can't and this shade is too blame. I just love this shade of pink. It is such a lovely pastel pink that doesn't look chalky or clash with my skin and look terrible. I am a lover of Barry M polishes, but I have definitely found myself picking this colour up a lot.

Soap and Glory Cat Eye Eyeliner

From the moment I first used this I kept telling myself to remember it, so I could put it into my favourites, so here it is. As someone who wears eyeliner everyday I have tried quite a few and no other eyeliner can compare to this when it comes to doing the flick; I find it so easy and as someone who struggles massively with that, this is a great find. One thing that I have noticed and was quite disappointed with was that it seemed to dry up quite quickly, I used it for a couple of days and then it gradually became harder to apply, since the colour would not come out as it should. I have battled through that though and still love the eyeliner.


I couldn't find it, so here's a picture from my instagram of 05

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks in 08 and 05

When writing a post I like to have the products with me, but I can't find 05 anywhere, so that's annoying, (If it's in the picture, I found it haha). I'll start with 08, as this is the one I wear the most, as I think it is the perfect 'your lips, but better', as it is such a pretty mauve shade. 05 is my going out shade, as I wouldn't say that I have the confidence to wear a striking red yet, so I love this, as it is a warm fuchsia colour with a hint of red.  These lipsticks are matte, but in no way drying, whilst also being super pigmented. 

The Sims 4

I got this just after my birthday, as when I told my mum that I wanted this, she thought I was joking. I am a massive lover of the Sims, I played the first Sims game for PC and for play station, I also played the Sims 2 for both PC and play station, but the PC version of the game is where my addiction started. I remember taking my laptop around my friends house or she'd bring hers here and we' trade expansion packs, and it got to the point where I owned 95% of them. Then Sims 3 came out, I tried it and hated it, so sold it. I personally do not think that I would of bought this game if the Sims 2 worked on windows 8, but it sadly doesn't so I bought this. There is a lot that I would change with the Sims 4, but I still love it and have been obsessed for the past couple of days. That may make absolutely no sense, but lets go with it anyway.

James Bay 

When looking for new music on Spotify I came across James Bay and instantly fell in love. I just love his music, with scars being my favourite. Can I have a person in my favourites? I'm going with it, this song is just simply beautiful and his other songs are equally brilliant, I especially like Sparks as well.

Yankee Candle - Season of Peace

Just as I was finishing this post and was getting ready to gather everything up to take some pictures, I see this sitting on my dresser and think, 'How could I forget that?!'. This is probably my favourite candle of all time. I had this for Christmas and I have tried not to burn it too much, as I don't want it to run out, yes I know it is a big jar, but I don't want to get to September and there not be any left, since it is a Christmas Candle. I see a lot of people talking about the Christmas Cookie, or whichever one is pink, but I aren't much that, I find it too be sickly, but this, I could smell it all day, if they made this scent is a perfume I'd wear it.  Here's a tip for Yankee candles when you're trying to decide on what one to buy, smell inside the lid instead of the candle its self, because you can smell it a lot better inside the lid. Someone told me this whilst I was sniffing the candle and I thought she was mad, but it does work. Anyway back to season of peace. I think the reason why I like this so much, is because it actually reminds me off the family holidays I went on when I was little. I know this is a Christmas candle, but it reminds of being on holiday in the sun when I was little. 

I think that'll do with my favourites for January. What have you been loving throughout January?

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